2 responses to “Do I really have to add metadata?

  1. planetwilson

    It’s interesting that MS seem keen on hiding out in places like OneDrive. Also the OneDrive client isn’t conducive to providing it if you tend to use that for synced SharePoint libraries instead of a browser

    • Yep – OD is definitely to low end cloud storage for beginners! I find it frustrating that there is no option to expose teh metadata capabilities that are hidden in OD4B, but I can live with that as long as they get their act together on the SharePoint platform.
      There is also the whole legacy of SharePoint and OneDrive being 2 different teams, with different attitudes towards what users need. I kind of agree that all some people need is a dumb directory structure in the cloud, but that misses the point that other people need more. The improved ability to move content between OD4B and SPO should encourage some level of metadata capture in OD4B, but the team hasn’t really worked on that.
      There are some UserVoice comments on the matter – always worth adding more

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