Why a Prototyping approach to BI may be the answer

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It’s a well-documented fact that many BI projects fail. Research conducted by Gartner actually concluded that 70% of BI projects fail which is an alarming statistic. The reasons for failure are wide and varied, and I could list 13 common reasons for you right here right now but I will save that for another blog.

One of the main and common reasons for failure is a lack or Prototyping and Testing. This in its self is a reason for failure but it also leads to other common reasons such as poorly understood requirements, a lack of data ownership & understanding and a lack of technical understanding.

It’s common for people to say at the beginning of a BI projects, and even several weeks and months into a BI project “that the users don’t really know what they want”. This really should come as no surprise if the users have not…

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