Dilbert on Intranet

Dilbert never fails to illuminate a few areas of business wisdom, by contrasting it with arrant business stupidity​.

So, Dilbert on Intranets:

Some interesting behaviours and themes to ponder:

  • If your intranet doesn’t work it must be the fault of either the technology or your users… Maybe what was implemented, for what purpose, with what input from the business and against what strategy would be a good place to start instead.
  • Despite several centuries of evidence to the contrary, some people think that knowledge is power, and increases in value the more it is restricted; while others don’t realise that what they know is of value so don’t consider sharing it for that reason
  • Intranets should have a clear purpose, so users know what they should use them for/store in them. Equally the governance policy (which of course you have, don’t you) should indicate what is inappropriate content
  • Communications, such as published department pages, should be of value to everyone. In fact their value should be gauged before creation so that the level of effort involved ban be weighed against the benefit. A secret trick is… ask others what they need on your department site

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